Since I apparently can’t stop raving about this show, I wrote another thing about it: My feelings about the super-duper-insider-y JAP rap battle. (Props to my editor Jonathan Zalman — JZ — for the headline, “The Notorious J.A.P.”) SO many insular shout-outs to the tribe, with references that will be missed by the goyim! I kvelled. (Autocorrect thinks that should be “keeled.” SEE WHY I NEED THIS SHOW??)

Info about the songwriter of this masterwork got cut, so I share it here:

The Jap Rap was written by Zach Sherwin, who also penned the Minaj-esque “I Give Good Parent,” about Rebecca’s preternatural skill at charming her boyfriend’s Filipino mom and dad over dinner. (Warning: It’s explicit! Take deep breaths!) “I Give Good Parent” also has twisty wordplay (“Every dish is delicious, Michelin Star!/Thank you! Please pass the arroz like I passed the bar!”) as well as Yiddish disses at a rival missus (“This shit’s my business and I’m built for success/Expect to witness a familial lovefest/Valencia? You’re zip, zilch and bupkis”). Sherwin has starred in a number of Epic Rap Battles of History on YouTube (my fave: his Einstein in the Einstein vs. Hawking showdown) and written a number of superb and very Jewy raps (listening to Serial from This American Life and feeling troubled and manipulated — how Jewish is that?) but my fave is his oddball, baked-sounding tribute to Krav Maga, filmed on a roller coaster, which contains the immortal rhyme “Krav, mah, gah, Becky/Look at her butt.”

This week I also wrote a thing about diversity in comic book media, and the simultaneous insider/Other status of the Jews. (What else is new.) It’s about Iron Fist, Aquaman, and Jewish representation. Sadly, JZ is a straight boy and therefore chose the wrong art to illustrate the piece. Here is the correct art:






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