The enduring relevance of Broadcast News (from a “journalism is doooooomed” perspective and a #metoo perspective). I will be so cranky if Holly Hunter doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for The Big Sick. Presumably she won’t win, because comedy, but even given the Academy’s tendency to give awards to lugubrious and Important movies that do not age well, SHE SHOULD GET A NOM. 

Also! You can buy the dress! In all its ’80s realness!

I wrote an obit for the amazing Mathilde Krim. May her memory be a blessing. (I was delighted by the Mr. Leather anecdote…but damn, how do obituary writers do this kind of deadline reporting all the time?) 

It’s the Sydney Taylor Awards! For the best kids’ books with Jewish-y themes! I do not always agree with the committee’s choices, but I’m always excited to see them (and of course, to compare their slate to mine at Tablet). Geeeeennnnerally I think I have less rigorous standards about “how Jewish” a book has to be, and am more drawn to funny/contemporary/quirky and less to Holocaust books; and tend to give more weight to the art in illustrated books. SIDEBAR: I am irked that I do not see more advocates for diversity in children’s lit tweeting about the Sydney Taylor Awards. Look into that, friends.

In SorryWatch news, Susan (GODDESS) has been pulling way more of the weight in the last few weeks, so I did two entries back-to-back: A solid-B apology from Community show runner Dan Harmon for pervy workplace nastiness, and an A+ apology from comedian Paul Scheer for dissing romance novels. 

Coming soon: On January 24, I’m interviewing author Tova Mirvis at the Center for Jewish History about The Book of Separation, her terrific memoir about leaving Orthodoxy and her marriage. If you’re in the NYC area…






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