The Best Jewish Children’s (and YA) Books of 2016

by marjorieingall on December 21, 2016

Ta da! My annual list. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THESE BOOKS. Buy them! Read them!

Also for Tablet, a look at a new Jewish literary journal and a visit with The Schlep Sisters, purveyors of sexy funny Jewy burlesque.

On SorryWatch, a cowardly resentful passive-aggressive yet yearning non-apology song on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (where else?) and a pretty good apology from Tulane’s admissions department after a pretty big screwup. 

In Mamaleh Knows Best news, I’m chatting about the book with Shmuel Rosner over at Jewish Journal. Part one of our conversation is here; part two is here. Stay tuned for part three. Motherwell included Mamaleh in its list of the year’s best parenting books, and Elana Sztokman of JewFem listed it as one of her six favorite books by Jewish women in 2016. It would make a great Hanukkah gift, I’m only saying. 

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