This photo is my mantra right now.

In work news: For the New York Times, I reviewed an academic book about the history of the menorah (and learned two new words, aniconism and pseudepigraphic). 

For Tablet, I wrote about the sudden, unannounced whitewashing of a historic Jewish mural on the Lower East Side; the little-known Jewish history of Yahtzee and Bingo; the seasonal Christianification of It’s a Small World; seven great Jewish-themed “princess” characters ripe for Disney’s movie-makin’ picking’; a gorgeous photography book about the decaying Borscht Belt; and Israel’s SufganiKing donutburger, a Hanukkah delight. (Or “delight.”)

For SorryWatch, I wrote about an excellent apology accompanied by hot pictures of Chris Hemsworth and a crap apology for applauding someone who called Michelle Obama “an ape in heels.”

In book news, thank you, Kveller, for including Mamaleh Knows Best among The 17 Best Books of 2016. Upcoming appearances: Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel in Philadelphia on January 11th at 7pm; The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA) annual conference in NYC on January 14 at 9pm; and Temple Beth-El in Omaha on February 2 at 7:30pm

Stay warm. 

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