She’s led a fascinating life (above, here she is posing in her pal Terry Richardson‘s glasses — sure hope she has stock in Purell) but her book is maddening. WHAT THE HELL, DEE-OHHN. Is she being deliberately cryptic or is she totally lacking in self-awareness? In Tablet Magazine this week, The 22 Most Jaw-Dropping Tidbits in DVF’s New Memoir.

Bonus for blog readers: A 23rd tidbit!

Tatiana [DVF’s daughter] always got the best grades in school — she was summa cum laude at her school in Connecticut — and did so well that she skipped the seventh grade. She always did her brother’s homework as well as her own and held it over him for years, constantly telling Alexandre: “I did your homework for you. I did your applications for you and I did your thesis for you,'” but she also admits that now she’s getting paid back by Alexandre through his financial skills.


It’s nice to know I still have the power to be shocked by a parent bragging that one of her children consistently did her other child’s homework (including his THESIS) after I’ve seen parents on Facebook bragging about doing their kids’ high school lit and science research and I watched a relative essentially write her son’s college essay. Huzzah, I’m not jaded!