Happy 80th birthday, Judy Blume! Let us not allow our collective obsession with Forever distract us from what makes her truly magnificent! (Spoiler alert: It’s her incredible empathy for her characters, her gift for dialogue, and the fact that she’s really fucking funny.) (Also, how psyched was I to see my secular Jewish self reflected in a novel?)

An obituary for Julius Lester, marvelous writer and troublemaker.

A smart, kind, not-too-scary introduction to the Holocaust for very young viewers. 

A batshit faux-academic essay (in a journal funded by a libertarian software zillionaire) about how the sneaky Jews are trying to undermine good American values through children’s literature. 

Again I must rave about this middle-grade comic novel set in the 1980s and full of Members Only jackets and nuclear anxiety.

And I forget what’s been going on at SorryWatch because everything is terrible.

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