It’s Purim! Here is an essay about BIBLICAL EXEGESIS. Less fancy-pansedly,  it is about whether Queen Vashti possessed early feminist consciousness or a tail. (Hint: Depends on who you ask. And how they want to view a woman who says “no.”) 

It’s Purim! Please do not eat a pretzel bagel-dog hamentash. However, I do endorse the notion of speculoos hamentashen with sea salt. And of following Cookie Butter on Twitter. (Amusing.) 

Maira Kalman’s Max the Dog books are back in print! (Though alas, not Sayonara Mrs. Kackleman.) I have interviewed Maira Kalman twice now and she is terrifyingly smart and funny. Also kind.

For the 40th anniversary of the first computer bulletin board service, I wrote a reminiscence about my 25th anniversary of going on a computer bulletin board service. The piece is called On Geekery and Misogyny but it’s also about love and fun and beauty. 

Here is something I wrote about hamentashen in 1993? Maybe? I am still good friends with Lori but I no longer use her recipe. That dough can sometimes — but not always; WHYYYY? — be hard to work with. So I’ve been a ‘taschen slut for the last few years, perpetually seeking a really easy recipe with dough that’s reliable and not-too-dry and not in need of pre-roll-out refrigeration. (Next year.) Hit me up if you have one. 

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