2316_04563_mmOn top, Marc by Marc Jacobs leather pump from several seasons back, on sale at Zappo’s for $249 (reduced from $499!). These are the cutest shoes ever. I coveted them on Anna Friel’s feet on the tragically-cancelled Pushing Daisies, perhaps the most lusciously costumed show ever for those of us who love vintage and pattern. (Kristin Chenoweth just won a much-deserved Emmy for her work there. WHY DID NO ONE WATCH THIS SHOW. But I digress.)

On the bottom, pleather pumps from Jessica London/Avenue, on sale for $21.99. (Be careful when you click — the page may launch some blaring, horrific music. Because it seems Avenue said to itself, hey, our site is known to be ass. How can we make it MORE ASS?)

Look, I understand that fashion is not covered by intellectual property law. And I get that not everyone (me included!) can afford designer shoes. But I still think that aping every detail of a designer’s creation is tacky and sad. Add your own twist, at least. Avenue, you could have done the stacked heel without the cutouts along the vamp, or changed the little placket on the instep or the buttons, or modified the heel height or shape to give the look your own spin. As it is, I think Avenue’s mommy needs to sit Avenue down and read Avenue Peggy Rathmann‘s lovely book Ruby the Copycat. Feh.