In Tablet magazine this week, I riffed on Lizzie Skurnick’s new book, That Should Be a Word, and discussed how to raise feminist children. I got hate mail for the latter, because MENINISM.

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Also of late I have written some SorryWatch things: A roundup of recent celebrity apologies (Evans! Renner! Affleck! Rai!), a nasty sportscaster’s nasty apology, a fine response to barfing in a bookstore, and an apology-centric “pourquoi tale.”


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  1. Janey June 29, 2015 at 9:13 am

    Finally realized what’s missing from your “Raising Feminist Children” piece. Humility. An exhausting read. I’m guessing you rarely encounter anyone who doesn’t agree with you. About everything. Actually, it’s kinda scary.

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