performance anxiety

I write about parenting a lot (and books, pop culture, psychology and health somewhat less often) so this blog will probably be a mix of personal and professional stuff. Most of my professional stuff is personal stuff, anyway. I’ve been afraid to write anything at all because I keep feeling that the first post needs to be about something BIG and MOMENTOUS and I ponder and then I get all constipated and avoidance-y and I have to go take out the recycling or exfoliate or Furminate the cat (I am telling you, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE) or read to Maxine (her current fave: What Pete Ate from A to Z, by Maira Kalman). It’s like getting a tattoo. There is no perfect tattoo. There are many possible excellent tattoos, and you pick one, and you get it, and then you’re like GOD I’M A MORON and then it just becomes part of you and you don’t think about it. So I’m just starting to blog. Here. Now. There is no perfect first post.

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  1. Any opportunity to read more of your fabulous writing is a good opportunity. I’ll take it, mamele.

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