So I co-wrote this book with the model Crystal Renn and I needed a dress for the party Ford is throwing in Crystal’s honor. (With a TEQUILA sponsoring it and everything.) I went to re/dress in Brooklyn, a new-ish vintage and resale shop catering to size 10+. (Way +. I’d say up to size 28.) I had such a crap day yesterday (migraine, puking, big fun) and it was the perfect antidote. Seriously, hie your luscious ass there. (Even if it’s a teeny ass. They have cute shoes, bags and jewelry.)

So anyway, I got two resale black dresses (one with a ruffled neckline and black square beads all around it, the other just a simple shift) for cheapetty-cheap — $13 for the former and $19 for the latter. Got a perfect-condition black leather jacket from the Gap for $26. And for the book party, got an Abby Z purple moire-effect tie-dye silk dress for $99, tags on, reduced from $289. Hell-o. The staff is awesome — not pushy, but when I asked for input they were opinionated, which I love. (Do not tell me everything looks awesome, salesholes. Everything does not look awesome.) I tried on a pair of black knee-high pointy-toe vinyl boots but they were a little too shiny for me. I fear the shiny. Alas, there was only one ’40s-’50s dress (my fave era) I could see, and it was AMAZING but too big. (When does that happen?) The store had this wonderful, inclusive, festive vibe — girls of all sizes and predilections were shopping there and working there. So, big yay.


  1. gayle September 8, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Why did you not tell me about this new fabulous store and this incredible dress and bargain find? I like critical salespeople. Don’t they know if they tell you something looks eh, we believe them when they say everything else is fabulous. Same with waiters. Don’t tell me everything on the menu is great. Also, don’t tell me you’re a vegetarian and haven’t had the steak. Work somewhere else then.

  2. marjorieingall September 8, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    amen my sistah.

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