81bzhfyttxlHey, you should totally buy this picture book biography about Leonard Nimoy and this one about Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the kids and cool grownups in your life.

Please read this essay about me being a rabble-rousing trouble-fomenting tiny feminist Jewess in Jewish Day School. It explains much.

And yay, Drag Queen Story Hour comes to NYC!

In book promo news, here’s a piece in Quartz about some non-clingy non-neurotic non-frootbat Jewish mothers in history you should know about; here’s an interview with me in New York Family magazine; and here’s a review in Jewish Journal that calls me “Nora Ephron meets child psychologist Wendy Mogel” (YAAAAS) and calls the book “wise,” “funny” and “a fun and rewarding read.” Critic Lisa Silverman also reviews the Leonard Nimoy picture book in this column, and liked it nearly as much as I did, so she’s OBVIOUSLY trustworthy.

In SorryWatch news: Kathie Lee and Hoda are smart about apologies (I KNOW) and VOYA Magazine takes criticism from the LGBT community and allies by going absolutely, terrifyingly, viciously apeshit, issuing a series of crap apologies, and devoting renewed focus to going apeshit all over social media some more.

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