1. My forthcoming Jewy social history/parenting book got a starred review in Publishers Weekly! “Insightful and humorous…highly readable…a comedy routine that is full of chutzpah and pizzazz”! (Sorry I went the full Zagat there.) Mamaleh Knows Best also got a good review from Kirkus; the pull-quote would be “useful, reader-friendly…the flavor is echt Jewish and plenty tasty at that.”
  2. In Tablet Magazine recently: A review of a gallery show about the history of hats in New York City; an essay comparing stereotypes about Jews and pit bulls (imagine the hate mail!); a Father’s Day reminiscence about my father singing at my brother’s big gay wedding; a reported piece about how to be a better ally to the LGBTQ community; a roundup of recent LGBTQ-friendly children’s books; and a small show at the Rare Book Room at the Center for Jewish History about vintage Jewish cookbooks and identity.
  3. At SorryWatch, I edited a lovely piece by a Utahn, Bari Nan Cohen, about her lieutenant governor’s recent apology. The kicker: Bari Nan apologizes right back to him. Yay! We are always happy to shine a light on excellent apologies at SorryWatch! Too bad we so seldom get the opportunity.
  4. My kids are now at camp. TIME FOR GIN!


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  1. tanita July 6, 2016 at 9:32 am

    CHEERS TO YOU on that book! Can’t wait ’til August!

    Thanks for the update; I feel like I’m missing evvvvvvvverything avoiding most of social media, but like a kid trying to stay up and not miss anything, I know there’s nothing really to miss, and I have GOT to get on with this book. Or else…

    Still – I’m going to carry the image of your parents raising and lowering a sun as they sing for a good long time. ☺

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