Here is an Italian news story about SorryWatch! I shall Google Translate the key parts for you:

But if the excuse “stink” or is not credible? So here is a site that goes in search of false and too comfortable folds and explains why those excuses are not valid.


Sorrywatch is called, is a creature of course American and is a true “watchdog”. He – or rather because they are two women guradinae of them are true sorrow careful that any excuse pronunicata public is reliable and veritiorera.

Of course!

Because you do not think about it but there is no excuse to make things worse, excuses are missing the target. Excuses masquerading as self-defense, excuse adding insult to injury. Excuses are worse than the original offense. Excuses so “bad” that necesiterebbero a further demand for an apology.

Adding insult to injury indeed!

PS. I await Google Translate’s apology to me.

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