There is such a thing as a funny rape joke, but this thing from the Oatmeal guy is not it. Mr. Oatmeal’s apologies/apologia are even less amusant. (Look for a future SorryWatch post on the difference between apology and apologia.) In happier apology news, when the Jewish parenting site Kveller ran a transgender-phobic post that ran afoul of LGBT advocates (and most sensate humans), it followed up by consulting with said advocates, taking the post down, and running an excellent apology. And in another noteworthy apology, a newspaper regrets the error of failing to cover the civil rights movement. (Hey, a 40-years-late apology, with lots of good reporting and soul-searching to back it up, is better than no apology.) In non-me-related news, I thought Susan’s post about the unfortunate HoboJacket (which I feel should have an exclamation point — HoboJacket! The Musical!) was particularly brilliant.

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