crystal on the cover of glamour!

I know, I know. Which one is plus-sized? And why are there two other girls there? Still, kudos to Crystal (this is the first time a plus-size model has been on the cover of an American women’s magazine*) and kudos to Glamour for being the one American fashion mag that regularly employs plus-size models. Am I annoyed that so much of our cultural discussion about weight and health is about plus-size models and whether they are actually fat and/or hot? Yes. Do I wish we could stop salivating over beauty (I LOVE BEAUTY BEAUTY IS EXCELLENT DISCLAIMER YES YES YES) and have a nuanced discussion about sizeism and the impact of weight and dieting on health? You betcha. Am I still happy to see Crystal do well? Fuck yeah! Love huh. Thanks to Fallen Princess for the heads-up.

* An ANTM winner on the cover of Seventeen doesn’t count; anyone on the cover of a plus-size fashion mag doesn’t count; a fat celeb on the cover of an arty mag with a circulation of 4 doesn’t count. You disagree? Talk to the booty ’cause the hand’s off duty. To quote my 8-year-old.


  1. I’m sorry but she’s PLUS SIZED? For true life? She looks small. Beautiful but still modelly. The other two just look, you know, bony.

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