This new picture book about a boy and a stone lion is very touching…and a good way to open a discussion about immigration with one’s children.

If you are in downtown NYC, check out this ship-focused show about migrants and millionaires at the South Street Seaport Museum. (There is a Black Tap milkshake truck parked nearby, if that is an incentive.)

Why are there so few Jewish father jokes?

Maimonides did not discourse upon dad bod,” BUT HE COULDA. 

Wonder Woman gave me Jewy-feminist-y feelings

Also, I am in New York Family magazine being snarky about summer camp photo websites.

As ever, SorryWatch is on the case…this time internationally! Here’s a good apology from Esquire in the Philippines for insensitivity toward a trans singer, and here’s a bad apology from Mamamia in Australia for fatphobic, fake-solicitous idiocy toward writer Roxane Gay. Lots more good stuff, plus shorter apology thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. 

Have a good Independence Day. I will be watching fireworks, wearing my Yael Kanarek RESIST necklace. 


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