I have the cover story in the January issue of Real Simple. I read a dozen or so self-help books about work-life balance and tried to follow their advice. (So the piece is funny-serious.) It’s not online.


  1. Dear Ms. Ingall,

    I really enjoyed reading your “Balance or bust ” article in Real Simple Magazine. It had me nodd, smile, laugh, and have more optimistic about this year. I must have read several self help books over last year hoping it would work magic on every situation of my life but I was lacking a view that how to apply/reflect the lesson. I read first few lines of the article and it was enough to bring the magazine to the counter. I have been away from Real Simple Magazine for a few years but if I find your article more, I will come back to it. ” No need to hunt our busy calender to schedule quality time. We’re living it” was eye opening. Thank you.

  2. What a great article! Thanks for showing me I am not alone in my challenges of time and life. I too have bought several books and also took come classes/courses on how to relieve yourself from the upset you cause yourself in life. It’s amazing when we take responsibility for our lives/time/decisions what we find. Things fall into place.
    Thank you, just thank you. Great writing and your sense of humor is stellar.

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