privilege-denying dude

by marjorieingall on November 16, 2010

This Tumblr oppresses white men! Racism against white men is the last acceptable prejudice! You obviously are not listening to me. Let me mansplain it to you!

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Luis Alvarez November 20, 2010 at 3:44 am

Dear Blog owner
I am the owner of the photo depicted here.
It can be purchased at my agency here:

The buyer of the photo who has uploaded it to memegenerator voilated the Content License Agreement  
You can view it here:  : 

The issue in this case are the following phrases from the Content License Agreement:

Point 1: From 4.a.7:
“{…} use or display any Content that features a model or person in a manner (a) that would lead a reasonable person to think that such person uses or personally endorses any business, product, service, cause, association or other endeavour; or (b) except where accompanied by a statement that indicates that the Content is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the Content is a model, that depicts such person in a potentially sensitive subject matter, including, but not limited to mental and physical health issues, social issues, sexual or implied sexual activity or preferences, substance abuse, {…}”

The picture is being used in a manner that any reasonable person would believe that the model depicted personally endorses a specific cause. If you read further this is only allowed in social issues  if it is clearly indicated that the person is a model and is not related to the messages being communicated.

The picture appearing on memegenerator is not being used correctly, since it is being used in relation to social sensitive issues and there is no indication anywhere that the person depicted on the picture is a model.

Point 2:  From 4.a.6:
“{…} or that would be reasonably likely to bring any person or property reflected in the Content into disrepute; ”

The person depicted in the picture is being brought into disrepute. In this particular case many people have been insulting the model because they believe the model is endorsing those phrases. You cannot see this anymore because tumblr has already removed the content.

My image agency iStockphoto’s laywers have been notified and looking into the issue. I request you to remove the images from your website within 24h since they are not inline with the permitted use of this particular image.

Please inform me when you have taken action.

Best regards

marjorieingall November 20, 2010 at 9:27 am

Images removed, Luis! Word to your lawyers! The Tumblr has indeed been taken down — it was fun while it lasted.

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