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Holocaust kidlit and current politics (and a podcast)

by marjorieingall on February 1, 2021

Illustration from "Peter's War" by Deborah Durland DeSaix and Karen Gray Ruelle

For International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I wrote for Tablet about the best children’s Holocaust books of 2020. No Anne Frank bios; no picture books. FOR REASONS. 

This was my last piece for Tablet. I quit, after over a decade. I’m sad and still having dreams about it, which I realize is a bit pathetic. But it had to be done, and that’s all I’ll say. Hire me for your ghostwriting, children’s literature coverage, and cultural journalism needs! 

My SorryWatch co-writer Susan and I are hard at work on our book (tentatively called SORRY SORRY SORRY: THE CASE FOR GOOD APOLOGIES, forthcoming in 2022 from Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster). We were just on a British podcast about language, called The Allusionist, together. We talked about the word “sorry.” It was a lot of fun, in large part because the interviewer, Helen Zaltzman, was so witty and quick. I did shock her into silence when I described one of my non-apology-related writing foci as “all things Jewy.” We were on Zoom and her eyes got humungous. I keep forgetting that British Jews are not like New York City Jews and do not crack wise in this manner. I’m sorry, Helen.

Oh, also I went off on Twitter about Marjorie Taylor Greene being a blot on the fine name of Marjorie. There are so few of us these days; the name peaked in the 1920s, and by the 1960s had disappeared from the Social Security’s list of 1000 top baby names entirely. This is why I buy all the monogrammed “Marjorie” hankies on eBay for a song. All the people who could bid against me are dead. But I digress. History is full of wonderful Marjories, and if you would like to learn about some of them, the thread starts here



(In truth I only have six Marjorie hankies. Here are three because I am too lazy to go get the rest from my sock drawer.)

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