Susan and I handed in our book about apologies! It will not be called SORRY SORRY SORRY and it will not be published in 2021! Look for it in Fall 2022, probably! We have no idea what the title will be, either! (Publisher is no longer into SORRY SORRY SORRY.) We will keep you posted! 

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On an unrelated note, here is your daily dose of Vinnie. 

Vinnie The Cat

He is not, in fact, a feminist killjoy. He is a feminist JOY-PRODUCER. 

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  1. tanita June 10, 2021 at 1:25 pm

    Hello Back! Always fun when the publisher changes the name of the book, isn’t it? I’m so sorry your pub date got pushed back (especially as Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg’s book on forgiveness also comes out in 2022, but you’ve doubtless got less audience overlap than you could), but there’s a lot of that going around since we’re still somewhat affected by the pandemic screeching halt and print schedule reshuffle. Here’s to BEING DONE and lying around bonelessly like Vinnie for a minute. And here’s to 2022.

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