I’m back to writing every week for Tablet magazine. In this week’s column, I go on like a broken record about our test-crazed culture. I have addressed this before, on my blog and in Tablet. BUT KIDS PUKING WITH ANXIETY SHOULD NOT BE A THING.

Meanwhile, in today’s NYT, a poll showing that the majority of New Yorkers are dissatisfied with public education in the city and think things are worse now than when Bloomberg took office. The NYT’s public school coverage is abysmal (truly, the Daily News is better). There are two kinds of stories: “NYC parents disagree with Bloomberg! Man oh man, those guys totes hate him!” and “Here is info from a press briefing parroting what Bloomberg says!” There is not a lot of in-depth reporting or nuance in either type of story.

Meanwhile, there is far less hate than usual in the comments. Actually, there are fewer comments than usual, especially when it’s a personal story (as opposed to a more lit-critty one like last week’s golem column or reported pieces like the one on the social history of Hadassah regional cookbooks). Where is the venom?? Maybe everybody is distracted by Tavi’s new venture, or focused on Tablet’s redesign and/or appointment of Lizzie Wurtzel, Robin Cembalist, Daphne Merkin and (urp) Judith Miller as arts critics, or pondering the ramifications of Chaz on DWTS. Who can say?

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