I’m still shocked by the discovery that there were essentially no kids of color in the entire December issue of Time Out New York Kids. (Looking at all the photos and illustrations in the editorial pages — and not counting promo and ad pages, which would have made the numbers look even worse — 49 of 52 kids depicted were white.) For comparison, I looked at the April 2010 issue, which I just found in my bathroom, and due to excess latke consumption I was in there a while, if you know what I mean. So that issue — which doesn’t name an editor-in-chief, since the magazine was officially between EICs at the time, making the top name on the masthead that of managing editor Rory Halperin — features 56 kids’ faces on the editorial pages, of which 21 are non-white. (AND the cover model is Black.) Those numbers are crazy better than what we see in the current issue. Granted, the mag got a boost from a pick-up photo illustrating a documentary about a Mexican Little League team, but even so. And my memory of the mag from the mid 2000s, when I was a columnist, is that it was pretty good at showing the diversity of our lovely city. So c’mon, TONY kids, let’s return to our commitment to depicting the lovely youthful mosaic that is NYC.

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  1. credit where it’s due January 7, 2011 at 10:17 am

    […] Out New York Kids, which I called out last month for being all Stay Out New York Non-White Kids (49 of 52 kids depicted in the editorial pages, in […]

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