Do I need to preface this by saying that not all Jewish children’s books are derivative and same-same? Or that drinking games are for GROWNUPS? (Generally grownups who do not yet have children.) In any case, from Tablet magazine…


Picture-book pastel bubbe with little round glasses? Do a shot of schnapps.

Learning to live/love again after war/terrorism? Bottoms up! Old people are awesome? L’chaim.

Arachnid? Do a shot of Sammy (Hagar)’s Cabo Wabo.

Poultry? Do a shot of Wild Turkey.

Holocaust? EXEMPTION. DO NOT DRINK. If Holocaust were in play, you would be too drunk to read within five minutes.

Hashem rendered as pastel blue gouache sky with puffy clouds? Amen! Do a shot!

Shtetl? Ya ha deedle deedle bubba bubba deedle deedle DRINK!

African-Americans and Jews: brothers of another color? Alize-Manischevitz cocktail!

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