Hey, I wrote a Tablet article about a nationwide bus trip for Jewish teenagers that teaches them about American and Jewish history, politics and civil discourse among people with differing points of view. But it involves conversations about gun control, abortion, and Israel, as well as the ingestion of non-kosher BBQ. In other words: RABID COMMENTERS AHOY.

BTW, the title of this post is a reference to Gayle Forman’s Just One Day, the delightful first book of a delightful duo (or two-and-a-half-o if you count the forthcoming e-novella Just One Night) about a girl with a circumscribed life who leaves a circumscribed teen tour to have a real-world adventure and 24-hour love affair. Forman’s books have absolutely nothing to do with the actual non-fictional teen tour I wrote about. But the name of the group the main character begins her travels with is Teen Tour! Cultural Extravaganza, with an exclamation point stuck in there like a street kebab on a stick. It made me laugh. (But while we’re talking about this, I think the sequel, Just One Year, is even better, and there’s even a lot of Jewish content, so my random reference just became relevant to Tablet. Yay.)

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  1. tanita May 22, 2014 at 11:31 am

    Ooh, all the best bus tours have angsty backseat driving going on and randomly placed exclamation points. And I love Gayle Forman’s work.

    But, could Etgar maybe make up a bus tour for adults (complete with cute jerseys)? Maybe we could take over Amtrak, if we’re really old (look, people NEED those dining cars, all right?? Also, to lie down.)? Because, MAN. That sounds like an amazing summer option.

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