I have been HOWLING over Fashion It So, the tumblr devoted to analyzing the fashions of Star Trek: The Next Generation, all morning. God bless io9 for pointing this wonder out. It is GENIUS, GENIUS I TELL YOU. My two favorite posts so far: The One With The Alien Backup Dancers in the Bounty® Paper Towel Burlesque Extravaganza (“you know Dov Charney probably saw this picture and was like ‘YES. INSPIRATION.’ And then he put those shorts on a dude with a handlebar mustache and called it a day by partying with some underage-looking Asian girls”) and The One That Analyzes Dr. Crusher’s and Troi’s Workoutwear (best lines: “So everyone is like ‘sweet, this wormhole is stable, let’s broker some DEALS’ and “Beverly’s Cameltoe is my new band name”). I cannot do justice to the lunatic writerly style-y perfection. You must look.

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