Oy, have I neglected this site. The news: I finally handed in the final edit of my book, which God willing will be out in August, ptui ptui ptui. More later on that. For now, please enjoy these links, and I hope Sumac will accept my apologies for not pulling my weight on SorryWatch, which I will rectify ASAP.

So, let’s see, I did a piece on living with a rabid teen Bernie-ite, while being undecided myself about who (whom?) to vote for myself. I looked at some under-reported 2015 deaths of interesting Jews. I reviewed a non-fiction graphic novel (ugh, but what else to call it? “Graphic biography” sounds like it’s full of explicit sex and violence, and “sequential-art bio” is incoherent) by cartoonist Ted Rall, about the hibernation of the left-leaning wing of the Democratic party and the rise of Bernie. I handed in an error-ridden piece about the five Jews who have headlined Super Bowl halftime shows (I mistakenly said that Ben Stiller was half-Jewish, which is part of his schtick but is not actually true, because his mom converted before he was born, and I mistakenly thought Ethel Merman was Jewish, because she wasn’t??), which triggered a thrilling TWO editor’s notes getting appended to it. I apologize for assuming wrongful things and making an ass out of u and me. Finally, I profiled a truly cool 85-year-old Miami arts and human rights activist, Ruth Shack. After I got off the phone with her I felt buoyant.

Here’s a 2016 portrait of Ruth by artist Martin Kreloff.

Ruth Shack Portrait by Martin Kreloff - 2016

Now I will feed the Bernie-ite lunch (school vacay!) and write a SorryWatch post about something yet-to-be-determined. I have a huge STACK of crappy apologies to choose from.

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  1. renee February 23, 2016 at 8:22 am

    Did you see Mark Ronson at the Super Bowl? He’s one of ours.

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