EV Grieve has been documenting the new Deitch mural at the corner of Houston and Bowery. The last two (Barry McGee/twist, and Shepard Fairey) did not fair well…the former was written all over by regular peoples and the latter was utterly destroyed by guerilla artists and taggers who view Fairey as a big ol’ sellout. I really liked the twist mural when it first appeared and looked like it was mischievously escaping its boundaries, but when the doofus upper-wall-owner insisted that the wayward bits be painted over, the result was a constrained-looking bummer. Way less intriguing, no?

Anyway, the new mural, by Kenny Scharf, looks great. Let’s see if the other graffiti artists respect it and let it be. Scharf did the whole thing himself, without help, without a sketch, in 100 hours.

(Goes without saying that we loved both the Keith Haring and the Os Gemeos murals that came earlier. Josie and Maxie especially loved the Haring — they know his work from the Children’s Museum of the Arts on Lafayette.)

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