Zita the SpacegirlZita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

No, strange Goodreads search engine, I did not mean “Stathis Psillos.” I meant Zita the Spacegirl!

For me this would be a 4-star book, but given that BOTH my kids, ages 9 and 6, loved it, and the little one, who is a reluctant reader, read it on her own four or five times after I’d read it to her once, FIVE STARS. Gotta give props to the brave, boy-rescuing graphic-novel girlheroes — and this one even has SHORT HAIR, gottenu. The cartooning and action are terrific enough that I think boys would like it too. (NB: My older girl, who read the author’s note, noted that one of Hatke’s three daughters is named Zita…so do the other two think their dad loves them less?)

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