You recall that I just loved Prospero’s reviews of the iPad and Kindle. Well, everyone’s favorite banished wizard is back, this time offering his advice on a thorny legal dilemma! A certain Shakespeare professor had the misfortune to have her neighbor’s tree fall in her yard. The Shakespeare professor found someone to remove the tree, but some leftover branches remained, and the Shakespeare professor wondered what to do with them. Prospero, Shylock and Goneril all shared their opinions:

Prospero: My first question is an obvious one: Is there anyone living in the tree–perhaps a spirit that has been penned up there by an inferior sorceress awaiting its release by a Superior Being? Not that this affects the issue of tree ownership per se, but it’s good to know in case you may be inadvertently releasing the creature. Which I would still own by the way.

Caliban: Shut up, old man. Do you seriously not see me sitting right here?

You really need to go read the whole thing. It’s brilliant. And you should probably add Everyday Shakespeare to your RSS feed. And do not fuck with Goneril.

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