Whoops. I forgot to point out my second piece for the New York Times Book Review, which ran last month.

My fave bit that got cut for space:

When a character shows up in goggles, a leather bomber jacket, earflaps, riding pants, gossamer wings and boots covered in buckles, and her name is Calpurnia Farthing and her ward is named Penny, you want to yell “Steampunk bingo!”

I amuse myself.

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  1. dina zeckhausen August 1, 2011 at 6:22 am

    Hello Marjorie!
    I just read your piece on MSN.com about the HEAS movement and wanted to let you know that I wrote a children’s book called Full Mouse, Empty Mouse (Magination Press, 2007) that is now being used by school districts in Georgia, Michigan and Arkansas to address emotional eating and healthy ways to cope with feelings as part of their obesity prevention programs. I am so thrilled that the HEAS philosophy is starting to go mainstream. As an eating disorder therapist, I’m concerned that the “War on Obesity” in schools is going to just lead to more eating disorders; this book addresses the concepts of listening to and respecting the body, accepting diversity of body sizes and seeking out caring adults when you are having a tough time. Anyway, thought you might like to know that this is out there!
    Interestingly, I was on the Today Show about 6 years ago, being interviewed for a piece on eating disorders. I brought my book to show Katie Couric and she said there “wasn’t time” in the segment to talk about prevention. As you know, the media tends to focus on fixing what’s broken rather than trying to head it off at the pass. I’m hoping that Prevention of eating disorders (as well as obesity) will someday take center stage.
    Thanks for the great work you are doing!
    Dina Zeckhausen, PhD

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