My latest Tablet magazine column is here. It’s about the Curious George show at the Jewish Museum in NYC; the show struck me as perfect pre-Passover viewing. And one commenter haaaaaaates me.

“Can Tablet find someone else — at the very least a second person — to write on children’s books and the sort of things currently covered by this writer? Th [sic] subjects are always interesting enough, but the writing is always disappointingly lowbrow and never rises to the task. The writer consistently reads like a fifteen-year-old: Self-satisfied and unaware of her immaturity. Uch. Must say, I’m confused about Tablet’s demographic when I read this type of stuff.”

I let my daughter Josie read the comment– I think it’s good for her to see that not everyone will like everything you do in life, and you shouldn’t get too exercised about it — but I hadn’t seen that the commenter went on to attack other commenters. Josie’s response: “Wow, that was really mean. Someone should teach that person that you can disagree with other people without being rude.” PROOF POSITIVE THAT I AM AN AWESOME PARENT. (Guuuy I can be so self-satisfied and immature sometimes.)


  1. Laura March 22, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    You *are* an awesome parent. Self-satisfied and immature? Well, yeah, aren’t we all? And if Mr. Commenter doesn’t think he can be too sometimes then he’s the most self-satisfied of us all, isn’t he?

  2. rosmar March 22, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    And you have a great kid.

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