Here’s a visit to the New-York Historical Society’s “Summer of Magic” show. David Copperfield’s hair, in person, was MESMERIZING. 

And check out this 80-year-old Polish children’s book classic, now back in print in an English translation, as well as a look at the nifty immigrant graphic designers who did the spiffy midcentury-mod art. After fleeing the Holocaust for England, Lewitt-Him illustrated a number of picture books and also did a lot of WWII home-front propaganda posters. Please enjoy these examples of their work: 


(It’s not that Diana Ross.)

I got so obsessed with Lewitt-Him I made a Pinterest page.

And last up in me news, I took a tour of NYC’s last remaining old-school seltzer factory. Fizzy!

In non-me news, I am SO EXCITED to see the Shazam movie with my superhero-loving 13-year-old, and SO HORRIFIED by the prospect of the forthcoming Netflix show Insatiable.  And finally, genius comedy writer Merrill Markoe shared a vintage live commercial by genius comedy writers Nichols & May, and it is a must watch. 


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  1. tanita July 23, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    As always, I find such cool things out from you! I’d never even heard of Nichols and May – and they’re a hoot.

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