i’m not sorry

I must modestly tell you that Susan and I are on fire over at SorryWatch. If you are not reading it, you should be. Recent posts of awesomeness include (she said modestly) my EXPOSE of Chris Matthews’s crappy apology template; Susan’s legal analysis (I learned things!) of a guy who destroyed a MUNI bus in crazed post-World-Series glee and apologized, yet pleaded not guilty; my Jewy post about a 12th century philosopher’s view of what makes a good apology; and Susan’s look at the idiot tweeter ComfortablySmug’s apology (and what was missing from it) for panic-mongering during Hurricane Sandy. Just add it to your RSS feed; you won’t be sorry. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE.)


  1. I was going to drop you a note! You guys made it to our actual newspaper – columnist Jon Carroll in the SF Chronicle. Congratulations. SorryWatch is cringingly fun to read. ☺

  2. Oh, thank you very much.
    We just moved from five years in Scotland, back to the Bay Area. It is really, really, REALLY weird…

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