…it would be a piece about Jewish parents choosing not to circumcise.


  1. tanita July 9, 2014 at 11:14 am

    Well, geez, Louise! You’ve kicked over the ant farm, I’m sure.

    The story goes that my FIL decided he didn’t like how his son was circumcised in the hospital, came home and took his doctor’s privilege and scalpel in hand and hacked off some more skin. Picture me arched up and hissing like a cat at that story shared around the dinner table. YE MERCIFUL HEAVENS. NO.

    So glad I have no kids. I can barely make these kinds of big choices for myself, much less someone else tiny and defenseless. I do think it’s wonderful that people are finding other ways of symbolizing covenant with God, but… yeah. This would be a tough one.

  2. marjorieingall July 9, 2014 at 11:39 am

    OMGAAAAAW, Tanita! I’m crossing my legs at that story and I don’t even have a penis.

    Honestly, I would drey and cry and obsess, but believe that if I had a son I would have a Brit Milah. Unless my husband were fervently opposed (the actual husband I am married to would not be) — in which case, well, we’d have to discuss. My reasons — well, at some point I hope to meet and have a drink with you, and then I’d be happy to discuss, but not on the interwebs. I totally relate to Mayim Bialik not wanting to talk about this publicly; there is no winning. At the moment I’m getting hate mail from religious Jews, but I can imagine the venom she gets from the hippie-parenting community.

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