Kids going to overnight camp today don’t have trunks. Nowadays you gotta use a giant duffle.

My Tablet magazine column this week is about about how Josie’s sleepaway camp experience in 2010 is different from my own summers in the late ’70s and early ’80s. In a nice change of pace, I’m LOVING the comments, almost all from other former campers: Packing Sun-In! Seabreeze! Wet n Wild blue eyeliner! Baby oil for tanning! Good times.

(Of course, it wouldn’t be Tablet if someone weren’t hating on me — someone posted on Tablet’s Facebook page about how my values are disgusting because I let my kid pack an iPod and Silly Bandz. She allowed that MAYBE it was OK to pack Josie’s inhaler. Gee, thanks.)

My fave then vs. now in the piece: my generation’s rubber “goomi” bracelets vs Josie’s generation’s Silly Bandz…as modeled by Madonna and Maxine. I do not know how to put these closer together, but:

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  1. Laura June 30, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    First, I don’t know how you keep motivated with all the hate that seems to be directed at you. For heaven’s sake. The way you keep rocking on is inspirational to me.

    Second, the Madonna picture juxtaposed with your daughter is so many kinds of brilliant. Looove. We followed Madonna – they follow Lady Gaga.

    On a personal note, I met Cheryl at ALA last week! How darling is she?!

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