Took the girls to The Muppet Movie. Very cute. (And the world would be a better place if French Vogue really did have a Plus Size Editor.) There were approximately one zillion previews beforehand, and one of them was for Tintin. Let’s discuss.

First of all, that hyperreal motion capture animation is still creepy and unnerving. But more importantly, THERE IS NOT ONE FEMALE FACE OR ONE FEMALE VOICE IN THE ENTIRE 2.5-MINUTE TRAILER, A TRAILER THAT CONTAINS MULTIPLE SETTINGS AND CROWD SCENES. Call me a humorless feminist fuck, but can you even IMAGINE an animated movie being made with the opposite gender deal — no boys at all? Gotta love the unquestioned assumption that girls will have no prob with this trailer (or this movie) that completely fails to include or even NOTICE them.

Meanwhile it takes Pixar one zillion years to make a movie with a female hero, one we ALSO just saw the preview for (a preview with plenty o’males in it, btw — including a scene-setting male narrator, the first voice we hear). And you KNOW that if Brave underperforms, the expert opinion is going to be that it failed (which may just mean it earned less than Toy Story 3) because it was about a girl.