So this week’s piece for Tablet magazine, about the efforts of some Canadian Jews to have a young adult novel removed from school libraries and from a recommended reading list, has, uhhhh, struck a nerve.

Some of the comments on the story so far:

To be Jewish means to too many Jews to be liberal and understanding of everyone’s point of view even if it means destroying what is left of the Jewish people. Did we learn enough from the Protocols of the Elders of zion and Mein Kampf? I can assure you that there are plenty of well written anti semitic books-but only Jews fight for their enemies to be heard. Arabs would never do it, nor would any other ethnic group. What shall we say “Democracy uber alles? Come on folks-wisen up and get real. After Israel and Jews are secure you can have your fun and tikkun the olom.


If those who continue to support Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands and the ongoing theft of those lands do not want books written about these criminal actions then they should do what they can to end the occupation.


Free speech to the raving loonies if fine, but it should NEVER be seen as supported by any State or educational agency.


If Little Black Sambo can be banned, not only for children but for adults as well, surely this book, which promotes greater hatred than Little Black Sambo should also be banned. Alternatively, let’s bring back the Little Black Sambo series so we can show children what racism is about and so that the children can learn from discussing the book. This latter suggetion is the obvious logical conclusion for those who want to put The Shepherd’s daughter on the school shelves.

I was surprised that some of the comments were pro-Palestinian. I’d predicted they’d be heavily “I don’t believe in censorship…but BAN THIS BOOK!” That seems to be a common trope these days.

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