NO NO NO, i will not let them go!

This week’s Tablet column is about how far to go in making Jewish ritual and practice kid-friendly. I’m not sure how we strike a balance between a Pee-wee’s Playhouse version of Judaism and a huminah-huminah textually-anal droning non-inclusive old-school version of religion.As I said in the column:

When we turn a seder into the ritual equivalent of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, aren’t we giving up a meaningful, mysterious adult night? My child-free friend Lori and my editor Liel host sedarim that involve discussions and debates about free will and international politics. Meanwhile, my seder involves wearing a foam mask that looks like boils.

I spent a lot of my childhood hiding novels inside siddurim. I was bored a lot. But I also understood that there was a huge, important grown-up world I would one day be privy to. Is it possible that some presents are worth waiting for? Life isn’t one big afikomen gift.

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