OK, Dirt Candy chef Amanda Cohen’s blog post on the OMG POP-UP RESTAURANTS LET’S TALK ABOUT THEM EVERY FREAKING MINUTE IN HUSHED THRILLED TONES phenomenon cracked me up. The big-eyed reverence and overexplanatory Basil Exposition tone with which Top Chef dealt with this extraordinary concept reminded me of Brian Williams talking about the way the New York Times talks about Brooklyn: “There are young men and women wearing ironic glass frames on the streets! There are open-air markets, like trading posts in the early Chippewa tribe, where you can make beads! They are making grilled cheese sandwiches in the streets! It’s like Marrakesh over there!”

Here’s some of Ms. Cohen’s tonally similar awesome trash talk about how no one can out-pop-up her pop-ups:

“In the past month I’ve launched so many pop-ups I can’t even count them anymore. Not only that, but I’ve pioneered the technique of the pop-down. I had Hour, then there was Minute, then the startling Behind You! and my personal favorite, The Commodore Beckwith, located inside the 2nd floor bathroom of the Union Square Barnes and Noble. The Commodore Beckwith almost had a customer but it turned out that what my floor team thought was a party of one was actually just a man looking for a place where he could stick newspapers down his pants.”

She goes on to enumerate some of her many, many other pop-ups, including “a cash-only, reverse amuse bouche lettuce atelier” and “a barter-only, North African concept with a plant-based tasting.” And finally, the pop-up de resistance:
I’m such a pop-up expert that I’m going to open a pop-up inside Thomas
Keller’s pop-up and not only will he not be able to get in the door of
my pop-up in his pop-up but he won’t even know it’s there.

Go read the whole thing here. Her entire blog is pretty awesome.

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