Again, I feel gross doing self-promotion when the world is going to heck in a handcart, but the things I have written recently: A eulogy for RBG, a guide to voting with your kid (OH GOD PLEASE PLEASE VOTE WHETHER YOU HAVE A KID OR NOT BUT IF YOU HAVE A KID HOW THE HELL CAN YOU *NOT* VOTE) and a piece for the thrillingly redesigned SorryWatch on a fascinating literary apology from the annals of exquisitely polite Regency lady-writer history. (No, really.) Also a piece for the venerable Horn Book called “What Makes a Good Hanukkah Book?” in which I am snarky. It’s online as well as in print but you have to register to read it. 

I have also been writing Postcards to Voters. Not artsy ones like the ones on the web site, but at least I’m managing to keep the stink of desperation off them, I think.

In far happier news, the pandemic kitten is now a big boy but still providing endless entertainment. Sorry I can’t share the video of him running around bonking into things while his head was stuck in an empty tissue box, but I took the video while on the toilet and you can totally tell. Here, however, is Vinnie stuck between the glass door and the screen door…immediately after we put in a cat door.

Vinnie sandwiched between glass and screen doors

He’s lucky he’s cute. He’s sleeping next to me (snoring like a mofo) as I type. 

Vinnie sleeping

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