So my book with model Crystal Renn is out today. Crystal was on Good Morning America this morning — she did great. There’s been a wad of other publicity. I kinda feel distant from all the madness — I’m just the girl at the computer. But I’d love to talk to folks who’ve read the book, as opposed to people with opinions about the NOTION of the book. I was interested in a wee thrashlet on my lovely sister-in-law Ellen’s Facebook page, with some people growling about how vile it is that the only thing that seems to matter to the world is how women look. (Other criticisms you may feel free to lob: Crystal is not fat! and How can you write a book encouraging Americans to be fat? Don’t you know fat is unhealthy?)

Bien sur, I agree that we are so much more than how we look. And yes, our culture at large is crazily looksist (lookist?). But I also think it’s natural to find beauty appealing and to want to be beautiful. Being attractive and being smart are not mutually exclusive. What I wish is that we had a more inclusive notion of beauty. (And yes, it is ridic that size 12 is plus-size. And yet, for the purposes of the fashion biz, it is. Feh.)

C’est ca.

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