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I wrote about the 70th anniversary of Florence Eiseman’s childrenswear. I’d never heard of the label before I married into a family from Milwaukee, Eiseman’s home city, where she is worshipped like a goddess of appliqué. My kids inherited a bunch of glorious vintage dresses. NOW IS THE TIME ON BLOG WHEN WE COO.

I also wrote about Hanukkah manicures, plus adorable dolls made by Jewish and Arab women in Jaffa under the auspices of an Arab feminist organization that foster interreligious bridge-building.

Oh look, another adorable vintage-clad child.

josie eiseman


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  1. tanita December 16, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    Ooh, the vintageness! The lovely hair. The perfect brows. The teensy, perfect mary janes…
    *baby envy sighs*
    Also, Mommy is on point with the contrasting tights. We ♥ Tights!!!!

    Must note that each tiny, perfect child has somewhat of a tiny, perfect expression of heavy-sighing longsuffering, and were these photos gifted with thought bubbles, we’d see, “OKAY, Mom, enough in puffy letters above their heads, which is deeply amusing.

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