Here are is some constructive criticism I’ve received from Tablet magazine’s readers in the last day and a half:

“vapid ignoramus…you should have stuck to fashion.”

“Your children…deserve far better.”

“If I were to seek a friend in time of need I would look for someone who cares about others as much as you do about your own virtue.”

“What are the odds that Marjorie’s grandchildren will be Jewish?”

“thank you for helping me understand why most of my family burned in ovens while american jews like yourself stoodby [sic] doing nothing.”

Man, now I’m responsible for the Holocaust? You’d think with this level of power, I could get the Bowery YMCA to answer my emails asking not to have to pay another initiation fee after letting my membership lapse for 4 months.

UPDATE, 6/26: I am also a “spoilt” “knucklehead” “hypocrite.” Thought you should know!

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  1. return to never never land June 1, 2010 at 7:37 am

    […] add to the list of names I’ve been called: “un-American,” “shallow and selfserving […]

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