shit book reviewers say

by marjorieingall on February 27, 2012

You are probably so sick of the Shit Whatevers Say meme. And you’ve probably already seen this video by Melville House co-publisher Dennis Johnson.┬áBut I hadn’t. I’m slow. (That’s why I review children’s books! Because I am DIMWITTED!) And on the off-chance you are too, enjoy. It’s LUUUUMINOUS! HAAAAUNTING!

I’ve watched this thing like 10 times now (I told you: slow) and cannot choose a favorite nugget. Because it is all FUCKING LUMINOUS. But hm, maybe “I’ve been reading these incredible stories by a North Korean fabulist — you probably haven’t heard of him. His stories are all smuggled out of the country, written in blood on potato skins.”

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Joanna Brichetto March 7, 2012 at 1:17 pm

Well, I’m slower than you are and SO grateful you found this. I will never, ever write the word luminous again, unless I’m describing a glow-in-the-dark clock face.

Joanna Brichetto March 7, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Wait. There should be a “Sh*t Children’s Book Reviewers Say,” and I nominate you to make it. Please?

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