cancer is doody

by marjorieingall on December 14, 2009

The awesome Joni Rodgers at Boxing the Octopus alerts us to an easy feel-good op: Varian (a company that makes software and medical devices used in cancer treatment) is donating $10 to the American Cancer Society, up to $100K, for every “Dear Cancer” letter someone posts on the Varian web site.

Here’s mine:

hey, how YOU doin’?

remember me? we spent quality time together after you took up residence in my husband a couple years back. the nice peeps at beth israel hospital evicted you. alas, my college roommate was not so lucky — it would have been NIFTY for her to hit 35, but you were too much of a jerk. anyway, do us a solid and from here on in confine yourself to dictators, terrorists and those guys who spread their knees and take up two seats on a crowded subway. ‘kay?

–margie from RI

Feel free to go post yours. Cancer is a mook.

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