bird The Field Guide to
North American Males

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Wouldn't it be lovely if the world of men were as neatly classifiable as that of the animal kingdom?

If there were some means of imposing order on the random, unruly boy universe?

The Field Guide To North American Males is the answer. It offers handy descriptions of over 50 species of boys, along with descriptions of their plumage, mating calls, sexual and agonistic displays, courtship rituals and habitats. How handy!

The Boys!
Browse a list of boy species organized according to the four families: Artsy, Gainfully Employed, Athletic and Casual.

Q&A: Why Does My Male Play Air Guitar?
Every seemingly inexplicable bit of human male behavior is actually comprehensible when viewed through the prism of bird behavior!
Male-spotting Field Report
Have you spotted a new species of male that does not appear in the current edition of Field Guide to North American Males? Add to the existing body of boy research.
Field Guide FAQ
The Field Guide's detailed illustrations and concise, informative entries render it useful to all levels of boywatchers, from the novice to the seasoned expert. Would you like to know more?
How to Get the Book
Purchasing information, for those who simply cannot get enough.
About the Author
Who is Marjorie Ingall and what are her scientific credentials?
Relevant Birding Links
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