Stuff I have been writing and ALSO! NEW KITTEN!

I have been out of touch. Sorry. Updating the site feels a little frivolous right now. Also on a personal note my job at Tablet has expanded and I’m still learning the new design and content management system. And also also: NEW KITTEN! I SAID NEW KITTEN! Look again upon my NEW KITTEN! Anyway, here… Continue reading Stuff I have been writing and ALSO! NEW KITTEN!

rainbows ahoy

I am healthy again! Suck it, Covid-19! And thank you to my wonderful East Village neighbors, who took care of me and my family while we were all sweaty and hallucinating. Since writing this Tablet piece, I have learned another way in which we were lucky. My husband Jonathan’s doctor was MIA when he got… Continue reading rainbows ahoy

happy-as-possible impending passover

We are a Covid-19 household, gearing up for Passover. Here’s what I’m thinking about. This afternoon I’m making nut-free charoset, which should wipe me out for the rest of the day. 

the secret Jewish origins of spaghetti Bolognese, and more

In completely non-me news, I just saw Birds of Prey with my teenage kid who loves girl-power ass-kicking in media, and to my surprise, I loved it. I did not get any of the comic-book references and it did not matter. I also thought there was a direct visual reference to the Margaret Atwood line,… Continue reading the secret Jewish origins of spaghetti Bolognese, and more

in which my brother and his husband have a simcha

Keeping on the feel-good tip, here is a story about joy and liberation and a Bat Mitzvah at CBST, New York City’s LGBTQ shul. (Autocorrect changed that to “soul,” and yeah, that too.)  And at SorryWatch, this is less happy: Crappy apologies, apology-shaped objects, and onomatopology after the implosion at Romance Writers of America. 

News of the Jews

A personal history of Sesame Street at 50. (I am trash for Oscar.)  Musings on Jenny Slate‘s performance and writing.  The history of anti-Semitism at Emory University’s dental school (and, sadly, in midcentury dental schools across the country). I loved talking to Perry Brickman; one of my fave interviews in years.  And on SorryWatch, apologies… Continue reading News of the Jews

Happy Halloween

Nu, where are all the scary Jewish children’s books?  (We’ll always have Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins.) In other children’s book news, I read a middle-grade graphic novel about the Holocaust I actually liked! At SorryWatch, raging at the Astros’ lying Assistant GM (now out of a job, deservedly, and too bad about the World Series,… Continue reading Happy Halloween