Marjorie is currently a columnist for the National-Magazine-Award-winning Tablet magazine, where she writes about all things Jewy.

From 2006 to 2010, she was a contributing writer at Self magazine. From 2002 to 2009, she was the East Village Mamele columnist at The Forward newspaper. From 2004 to 2006, she was a contributing editor at Glamour magazine.

She has written for many other magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times (here’s an essay about her ambivalent relationship with a kosher butcher; here’s a review of some scary fairy-tale-inflected children’s books; here’s another review of some children’s fantasy novels), Food & Wine, Real Simple, Budget Travel (where you might check out this story about a ladies’ sailing school she attended with her best friend, or this piece about a multi-generational trip to Mexico — both these articles were longer in their print incarnations), Seventeen, Ms., Wired, and the late, lamented Sassy, where she was the senior writer and health editor. At Sassy, she won several awards for health and social issues coverage. (Marjorie’s favorite article about the influence and importance of Sassy was written by Daniel Radosh, now a Daily Show scribe, and archived here.) She is also a former writer/producer at the Oxygen TV network. There she discovered that her perkiness levels were not up to a job in daytime talk television.

If clicking on the links above is not enough for you, here are some other random clips (as PDFs, so they may be a bit slow to load):

More Mess, Less Stress More Mess, Less Stress (from Self) I was a Spa Spy I was a Spa Spy (from Self) Remembering Grandpa Remembering Grandpa (from Child) A Drinking Ship With a Sailing Problem A Drinking Ship With a Sailing Problem (From Budget Travel) Under the Umbrian Sun Under the Umbrian Sun After the Storm After the Storm Red Mountain time_out_tv

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