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by marjorieingall on January 17, 2018

The enduring relevance of Broadcast News (from a “journalism is doooooomed” perspective and a #metoo perspective). I will be so cranky if Holly Hunter doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for The Big Sick. Presumably she won’t win, because comedy, but even given the Academy’s tendency to give awards to lugubrious and Important movies that do not age well, SHE SHOULD GET A NOM. 

Also! You can buy the dress! In all its ’80s realness!

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by marjorieingall on January 5, 2018

Farewell to Fred Bass, man of The Strand. (Plus: My life in Strand moments.)

What Pixar’s Coco can teach us about death and loss.

Four 2017 children’s picture books you absolutely should not purchase for Hanukah (or any other occasion). 



a vintage “pseudo-womanist boys” rant

by marjorieingall on December 19, 2017

On Twitter, writer Meg Nesterov reminded me via her Instagram that I wrote this in Sassy in 1994. It seems….relevant. 

I feel like I need to footnote this for the Youth of Today. But the Youth of Today can Google. WE DIDN’T HAVE GOOGLE IN 1994, YOUTH OF TODAY! (Here’s a freebie, though: The last line is a reference to Antioch College’s affirmative consent policy, which people were horrified, furious and sneering about back in the day.)

I would cut the line about Republicans if I were writing this now. But back then people still talked about Rockefeller Republicans; Republicans then were not the semi-sentient garbage fires they are today.

Also, shut up, Matt Damon. When this was published, Matt Damon was best known for School Ties, starring Brendan Fraser. Ben Affleck had seventh billing, playing “Chesty Smith,” which, fun fact, was also the name of his character in Justice League.





Santacon bingo

by marjorieingall on December 11, 2017

I made a game.  



the best jewish children’s (and young adult) books of 2017

by marjorieingall on December 8, 2017

It’s the Best Jewish Kidlit of 2017!

Goth parfumerie Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Hanukkah fragrances!

The best children’s museum you’ve never heard of!

Inside Sir Hummus, Amsterdam’s first dedicated hummus joint!

And naturally, we have been busy lately over at SorryWatch. (FYI: We also tweet and FB, for apologies that require mockery but not analysis.)


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what’s new?

by marjorieingall on November 17, 2017

Anti-vaccine hordes attack a Jewish children’s book

Transgender Jews are creating meaningful, inclusive mikvah rituals

10 Things I’ve learned after having two kids become Bat Mitzvah.

I reviewed a bunch of YA fantasy novels for the New York Times. 

Also, I am a walking ball of phlegm, please pity me. 



friends, friends, friends

by marjorieingall on November 7, 2017

I was so excited to interview Marty Krofft, of Sid & Marty Krofft, of the newly rebooted “Sigmund & the Sea Monsters” and the classic “HR Pufnstuf” and “Lidsville” and so much more, for Tablet Magazine. And then it turned out that the Kroffts are not Jewish and there was no reason to interview them for a Jewish publication. YET SHE PERSISTED.

Dave Eggers’s new book about the Statue of Liberty is terrific.

There’s a brand new exhibit at the Tenement Museum, this one focusing on post-WWII immigration. 

It’s the ANXIETY TWIG FETISH, a talisman for our neurotic age!

Unrelated: I voted today.

On SorryWatch: Kevin Spacey‘s and Harvey Weinstein‘s apologies, analyzed. (And as a palate cleanser, a far better apology from Thor.)

And most important, my daughter became a Bat Mitzvah. 


The Talmud of Clueless

by marjorieingall on October 11, 2017

Clueless is now on Netflix, and replete with Jewishness!

I took a spooky hard-hat tour of the old abandoned Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital. Look, I took a picture of a spooky window pane.

Here are three new picture books about Israel for parents who are ambivalent about Israel.

What the hell is this vintage goober of an Israeli hat doing on current fashion runways? And, God help us, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

Meet the Jazz-Age Jewess behind NYC’s repressive Cabaret Law.

And whoo, a bunch of new posts on SorryWatch, including a close reading of Harvey Weinstein’s execrable, whiplash-inducing apology, and a wee apology-adjacent linguistics lesson, for you word nerds. (Also, a SorryWatcher opined in USAToday about Equifax’s lousy apology.)

My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah is in 10 days and I have to make 200 origami boats. Bye. 






Letting bylines be bylines

by marjorieingall on September 15, 2017

Rosh HaShanah is nearly upon us. Honey cake sucks. Can we science the shit out of it? (The recipe’s by America’s Test Kitchen; the admittedly-delicious-looking cake pic above is by Joe Keller.)

Tupperware parties…for pot!

Saving the Yiddish Theater Walk of Fame.

A terrific biography for young readers (and you, and me) about war photojournalists Gerda Taro and Robert Capa.

And on SorryWatch, why Equifax’s apology sucked. (I am particularly proud of the very old-school-Variety headline.)



New children’s books about refugees

by marjorieingall on August 29, 2017

In Tablet Magazine today. It hasn’t even been a year since my last roundup on this subject, but there are several new and notable titles, and it’s not as if the issue is going away.

I went to Berlin and Prague this summer, so I have monuments on my mind. The United States could learn a lot from Berlin’s memorials. 

And here’s a piece on Bonny Doon, my late dad’s fave winery. Spoiler alert: I got drunk and kinda maudlin. 

I reviewed a truly terrific middle-grade graphic novel in the New York Times Book Review.  

And in SorryWatch news: Hooray, a good apology, which, come on, do we not need this right now? Yeah we do. Hat tip to the March for Racial Justice.